Rail Safety Workers Health Assessments

These assessments are conducted by accredited health professionals to quantify the potential risks to the public and rail networks should a rail worker experience ill health.

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All Rail Safety Workers are required under the National Standard for Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers to undergo a Health Assessment carried out by an accredited health professional.

The Standard was developed to help manage the risks that ill health may pose to rail safety workers. All rail safety health assessments carried out at 7Springs Medical Practice are in line with the Standard.

There are three different types of health assessment. These are determined by how safety-critical the work involved is. 7Springs Medical Practice offers the following Rail Medicals:

Category 1

For Rail Workers whose tasks are safety critical. The purpose of this assessment is to determine whether ill-health event may result in incapacity or collapse. Such an event may lead to a serious incident affecting public safety or the safety of rail network and other rail workers.

Category 2

Similar to Category 1. This category is for Rail Workers who perform safety critical work; however, should an ill-health event occur the safety of the public or the rail network would not be compromised.

Category 3

This applies to workers where the work involved is non-safety critical. The health and fitness of the worker does not directly impact on the rail network. The safety of the worker and other rail workers is still a consideration.

Get Ready for your Assessment

How long does an assessment go for?

On average, a category 3 rail medical can take up to 60 minutes.

Hearing Assessment

A hearing assessment will be performed. If you have a hearing aid, ensure it is fully operational for your assessment.

Glasses, Contact lenses, Corrective Lenses

Vision Tests are part of almost every health assessment. If you have visual aids, ensure you bring them with you to your assessment.

Prescription Medical

If you are on medication, please bring along the prescription and any other documentation, to assist with the Drug and Alcohol screening.

Appropriate Clothing

Remember to wear appropriate clothing to be able to perform a full range of movement. Bending, squatting, kneeling, and stretching will often be part of a health assessment. You will not be required to undress for this assessment.

Pre-Existing Conditions

If you have questions around any pre-existing conditions, please give our team a quick call before the day as we may require you to bring some additional documentation.

If you need to book a Rail Medical for yourself, you can book an appointment by calling 7Springs Medical Practice on (07) 4529 2777.

Does 7Springs undertake other Pre-Employment Medicals?

We can assist you with most pre-employment medicals, for more information, visit our Pre-Employment Medicals page or call us 07 4529 2777 for further information.

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