Pre-Employment Medicals

Designed to assess the health and suitabilty of a worker to fulfill the requirements of their position without risk to themselves and others.

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Please allow a minimum of two hours for your pre-employment medical at 7Springs Medical Practice.

The medical examination is designed to assess your health to ensure you are safe for the inherent demands of the job. During your medical, you will be required to complete a series of questions relating to your past and present medical history. The pre-employment medical includes a physical examination to measure your capacity to safely perform the physical aspects of the job.

The pre-employment medical will include the following:

An evaluation of hearing sensitivity at various frequencies and decibels carried out by using headphones and Audiometry software that runs the test automatically.

Done using a pressure cuff around the arm that expands with air to detect the flow of blood.

Blood Pressure Cuff

Patient’s height, weight and waist measurement are used to define body fat ratio.

A basic physical examination carried out by General Practioner that can help identify any underlying health concerns or risk factors.

Testing your capabilities to maintain certain physical positions such as kneeling, squatting etc.

Measuring the range of movement of a variety of joints such the knees, elbows, hip, neck etc.

Carried out by exhaling through a tube connected to an automatic detection device that measures lung function and capacity. Patients will be required to blast out as much air from the lungs as possible for as long as possible.

Patients will provide a urine sample under strict supervision on the day. This will be tested for 15 different drugs. Original photo ID will be required. Patients will be asked to empty pockets prior to conducting this test. Patients will be supervised by a qualified nurse. We request that patients are ready to provide a urine sample at the start of their appointment time.

Patients provide a urine sample that is tested for pH, creatine, specific gravity (hydration level) and any oxidants in the urine. This forms part of the urine drug test. Patients only need to supply one urine sample on the day. We ask that you drink no more than 1 litre of water prior to your appointment.

A vision check is carried out at a 6 metre distance as well as a colour blindness test. We ask that if you wear glasses for distance to please bring them with you.

Vision check


In order for your medical to proceed as smoothly as possible, please ensure you:


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