Reminder Systems

Doctors have a duty of care to ensure that repeat medications or referrals remain appropriate, and a short consultation is required to check on this.

7Springs Medical Practice Reminder Systems

7Springs Medical Practice has a Recall and Reminder System in place to follow up clinically significant tests, results, reports and clinical correspondence. This also includes tests or referrals ordered for the patient.

Patients also have responsibility to their own healthcare; this includes the seeking of results. It is important to have follow up systems in the practice that are meaningful for patients; that create a shared understanding of what is going to happen; that define who is responsible for follow up and that encourage patients to discuss how they can help manage their own health.

Reminder - Diary Entry

In rare cases where a patient indicates they do not intend to comply with the recommendation for a test, the practice ensures that the patient has received sufficient information with which to make an informed decision and to understand the consequences of their actions, or inactions. The discussion between the GP and patient is recorded comprehensively in the patient health record.

7Springs Medical Practice participates in National & State reminder systems, e.g. for pap smears, immunisations and other tests and follow-up as deemed necessary by our Doctors. Please advise your GP if you do not wish to participate in these schemes.

SMS Reminders

7Springs utilises AutoMed Systems for our text message reminder system. AutoMed will generate a text message once the reminders for that particular day/week are due. Those patients who
have opted out of receiving text messages will have a mail merge letter done through the AutoMed System dashboard. AutoMed do not create or store any patient data, they integrate in real-time with our Practice software (Best Practice).

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