Dealing with 7Springs Medical Practice without revealing your identity.

Dealing with us Anonymously or using a Pseudonym

Patients of 7Springs Medical Practice have the right to deal with the Practice either anonymously (no identity recorded) or by using a pseudonym (fictitious name), if it is practical and does not infringe on legal requirements to do so.

To make a well informed medical diagnosis, GP’s require a patient’s medical history. To prescribe medication, they require a patient’s identity to be confirmed. Please note that should you choose to deal with the Practice anonymously or by using a pseudonym your healthcare outcomes may be adversely affected.

We would also like to make our patients aware that legally GP’s are required to report communicable diseases and instances of suspected child abuse.


Enquires of a general nature can be made anonymously or by using a pseudonym eg vaccinations, mental health or services offered by the Practice.

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