Test Results

We request that you phone and make an appointment if you require repeat prescriptions, referrals or certificates.

Test Results

We encourage you to call 7Springs Medical Practice on 4529 2777 between 1pm and 4pm for results. We do have a recall system but we encourage you to contact the Practice by phone if you are concerned or have not been contacted about your results.

Test results, once viewed by the Doctors, are available from reception or the nurses. Staff will be able to advise you of normal results or advise if a further appointment has been requested by your GP to discuss your results with you.

Lab Testing

In rare cases where a patient indicates they do not intend to comply with the recommendation for a test, the practice ensures that the patient has received sufficient information with which to make an informed decision and to understand the consequences of their actions, or inaction. The discussion between the GP and patient is recorded comprehensively in the patient health record.

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