About 7Springs Medical Practice Toowoomba

Information about the wide variety of services and facilities available at 7Springs Medical Practice in Toowoomba.

Who are the Tenants of 7Springs Health + Dental?

The 7Springs Medical Practice has amalgamated two training practices: Middle Ridge Medical Centre & Koinonia Family Practice to form the 7Springs Medical Practice in Kearneys Spring, Toowoomba.

The 7Springs Medical Practice celebrates 10 years of providing quality family medical care in August 2023.

The Principals from these practices form the Principal’s Board of 7Springs Medical Practice.

Dr Paul Layton Dr Patricia Stuart Dr Stephen Shorey
Dr Sharon Matthews Dr Trent Perring

Our Commitment to You

The 7Springs Medical Practice will provide the highest level of care to their patients and continue to strive for excellence in Medical Education

We are a patient centric organisation with proud ties to all levels of medical education in the Toowoomba Community. Evidence based best practice will be the standard for our team.

7Springs Medical Practice: Compassionate, Quality & Innovative General Practice.

The Story of 7Springs Medical Practice

In 2009, four Toowoomba GPs including Dr Hume Rendle-Short, Dr Pat Stuart and Dr Graham Emblem were attending a conference in Sydney and met at a restaurant to disucss their vision, and dream of a shared future. The ideas from that meeting were relayed back to their respective practice partners, and the first meeting of the soon to be formed consortium was held.

Over the next 12 months, some doctors left the consortium, and were replaced by dentists Gus and Paola Fisher, and Dr Trish Rathie. This resulted in a board of the 7Springs Building Services company comprising Dr Hume Rendle-Short (Chair), Dr Pat Stuart, Dr Rob Gillespie, Dr Paul Layton , Dr Steve Shorey, Dr Sharon Matthews, Gus Fisher, Paola Fisher and Dr Trish Rathie.

Alongside this was a board of the 7Springs Medical company: Dr Hume Rendle-Short (Chair), Dr Pat Stuart, Dr Rob Gillespie, Dr Paul Layton , Dr Steve Shorey, Dr Sharon Matthews.

Three and a half years of weekly meetings resulted in close knit board that formulated the ethos of the practice. While a successful business is part of the bottom line, the board decided that Quality, Compassion, Innovation and Teaching, should have equal importance in the development and life of the Practice.

7Springs Medical Practice opened on 19th August 2013, after a lot of hard work. It brought together several General Practices in Toowoomba.

The dream of creating 7Springs Medical Practice, and the health Precinct of 7Springs Health + Dental was many years in the making and started out over dinner, at a conference 7 years before we opened!

What’s in the name 7Springs? When purchasing the land the previous owner spoke of an urban myth of seven natural springs in the area ran together to make up Kearneys Spring. After hearing this, the Board discussed the idea – since there were 7 board members… The rest is history, and 7Springs Health + Dental and 7Springs Medical Practice were officially named.

7Springs Medical Practice | 881 Ruthven Street | Toowoomba | QLD | 4350 | f: 07 4529 2700 | p: 07 4529 2777