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How long have you worked at 7Springs?
Since the inception

How do you feel about working at 7Springs as a GP?
I like working amongst a team of enthusiastic and capable people

What are you areas of special interest:
I am interested in all areas of medicine. I spent 7 years in rural hospitals after graduation and developed skills in emergency medicine, surgery, anaesthetics, paediatrics and obstetrics. I still perform skin cancer surgery but I am most interested in nutritional and lifestyle preventative medicine.

What is your billing Policy?

Not all concession cards carry a discount; our discounted fees are for our patients in genuine need.

Researching and testing dad jokes on unsuspecting staff members.

What do you see as the future for General Practice in Australia?
Most GP’s will be female and working part time. There will not be enough younger people to financially support a non-working aging population and as we are already seeing now, the government medicare rebates will not cover the ever expanding complexity and services provided by General Practice in Australia. The model may change from private companies as they are now (receiving medicare rebates on behalf of the patient) to perhaps a national health system with doctors as government employees collecting data and striving to meet targets. The good new is that there are newer and more effective AI analysis tools and treatments being developed. I expect new treatments for slowing down the aging process itself which will extend people’s “healthspan” not just lifespan.

What is your best medical tip for your patients?
Do not be shy to reveal your most important issues and be reassured your problems will be kept confidential and only shared with other treating practitioners with your permission.

Anything else you would like to share with our patients?
Do not be afraid to look for answers from other sources as we are happy to discuss different perspectives and new research findings

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