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7Springs Medical Practice Toowoomba now has the option of booking your appointment online with a number of our General Practioners. Online appointments can be easily made at a time that is convenient for you.

To book an online appointment with a GP simply go to www.sevensprings.com.au/book and you will be able to select your preferred date, time and doctor (subject to availability).

Opening Hours

7Springs Medical Practice:
Monday to Friday 7am - 7pm
Saturday 8.00am - 2pm
(By Appointment Only)
Sun: Closed
Closed Public Holidays

ME Dental Toowoomba:
Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Tue: 8:00am - 7:00pm 

Contact Info

7Springs Health + Dental
881 Ruthven Street
Kearneys Spring
Qld 4350

7Springs Medical Practice
Phone 4529 2777
Fax 4529 2700

ME Dental Toowoomba
Phone 4635 3965


近期 冠狀病毒 跟 麻疹病毒 暴發於中國與部分東南亞國家。
您在過去十四天中 去過中國或亞洲嗎?

您有發燒、呼吸道感染 如 呼吸困難、咳嗽或喉嚨痛嗎?

如果您的孩子有紅疹跟感冒症狀 並在最近七天內有接觸麻疹病例 請在接通後優先告知我們。

如果您有紅疹,請您拍照並傳送給我們的 治療類選團隊,以助為您安排合適的醫師。


再次 呼籲 當您抵達我們的診所時 請您將車停在停車場 人留在車上等候 直至 治療類選團隊為您安排醫師。


Corona & Measles Virus Alert

There has been an outbreak of Corona Virus in China and Measles in some south east Asian countries.

Have you travelled from China or Asia in the past 14 days ?

Do you have fever, respiratory infections such as shortness of breath, cough or sore throat ?

If so, please inform the receptionist when you call the practice.

If your child has a rash and cold/flu symptoms and has been exposed to measles in the past 7 days please inform the receptionist as soon as you come off hold. You will be required to wait in to your car at the surgery and we will triage care to you. If you have a rash, You will be asked to take a photo of the rash and text the photo to the triage team.

Your safety and well being is very important to us and the requirement to stop the spread of these two illnesses is very important.

You will be required to wait in the carpark – in your car – until the Doctor can triage you. Please do not come into the doctor’s surgery in person.

Novel Coronavirus

Employment Opportunities at 7Springs Medical Practice Toowoomba

7Springs Medical Practice are currently seeking experienced Medical Administrators and Registered Nurses. Find out details of our employment opportunities and how to apply.

Skin Cancer Clear - Dr Stuart Parker

Dr Stuart Parker has a passion for improving patient access to timely diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer, Skin Cancer Clear is the culmination of this passion and vision for the future of bringing high quality care based on the latest evidence and technology to the people of Toowoomba. Dr Stuart Parker is accepting new patients at his Skin Cancer Clear clinic, you can book an appointment online.

Visit the Skin Cancer Clear Toowoomba website

Our Centre

7Springs Health + Dental is a multi-disciplinary healthcare centre with extensive training facilities established in Toowoomba by three General Practices and ME Dental Practice. Our Toowoomba healthcare centre hosts the following tenants:

7Springs Medical Practice is not a bulk billing practice.


A Compassionate, Quality, Innovative & Teaching General Practice

While a financially viable business is a requirement of any company, the 7Springs Medical Practice board of directors decided that Quality, Compassion, Innovation & Teaching should have equal importance in the development and life of our Toowoomba General Practice.

The 7Springs Medical Practice culture is underpinned by a commitment to our people and our patients. We live this culture through our 7Springs signature behaviours which include:

After Hours Care

7Springs Medical Practice recommend you contact Toowoomba Private Emergency Group at St Vincent’s Hospital on 46904444 or Toowoomba Base Hospital on 46166000. Please be aware that fees may be incurred.

For Medical Emergencies

E.g. Chest pain, severe bleeding, breathing difficulties, allergic reaction, choking, unconscious, spinal injury, fitting or head injury: we advise you to call 000 immediately.

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